The Uzel Family, as a third generation of a nomadic family engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, has settled in Yozgat many years ago and has carried out modern production since 2017, with all the knowledge gained from its ancestors.

We have a daily pulses processing capacity of 120 tons in our 10.000 m² facility in Boğazlıyan district, which has a closed production area of 1100 m² and a storage area of 2000 m² and 5000 tons in total. Green lentils and chickpeas are the 2 main categories processed in the facility. The crops grown only in Yozgat region are processed by aiming adding value to the region the facility is placed.

UzelBakliyat provides quality service with the modern production techniques, equipment with the latest technology and the qualified staff and keeps customer satisfaction on the front by strengthening it with the frame of trust and sincerity.

For this purpose, the biggest aim of UzelBakliyat, is to support the domestic production of pulses which is one of the main agriculture products grown in Turkey by starting with in Yozgat which is the land of pulses, and to be an organization that our farmers who give labor for agriculture can sell their products from the value they earn, to contribute to the country's economy by increasing its share in export in the world market.


Our products are extremely natural and healthy.

Pulses for Health

Only the highest quality products are in our portfolio.


It does not deteriorate for many years or even years.


You are in the right place to get quality at an affordable price.



Our services include factories, wholesalers, catering, restaurants and grocery chains, public institutions and merchants, housewives and master cooks to provide pulses product procurement and procurement process management. We also import, export and sales pulses online.

Product procurement and procurement process management for pulses factories, wholesalers and traders,

Procurement and process management for catering, restaurant and supermarket chains,

Pulses for public institutions and organizations.

Home delivery pulses products for housewives and master chefs...

Import and export pulses products from abroad,

Sieving and packaging of legumes and cereals.


Green Lentils and Chickpeas can be found here.

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Turkey's most beloved native legumes

Red Lentils
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White Kidney Bean

Management and Sales Team

Our management and sales team is responsible for building the necessary infrastructure to deliver our products to you in the fastest and most trouble-free way.



Uzel Bakliyat


Uzel Bakliyat


Overseas SalesSpecialist

Uzel Bakliyat

Overseas SalesSpecialist

Uzel Bakliyat


Domestic Sales Specialist

Uzel Bakliyat

Domestic Sales Specialist

Uzel Bakliyat

Production and Control Team

As production team, we are proud to prepare and present more healthy and high quality products.

- Production Manager -

Our production manager; follows your production processes. Our team is responsible for carrying out activities for the efficient execution, improvement and optimization of production activities.

- Purchasing Manager -

Our Purchasing Manager; is the team that makes the appropriate source and right price research for supplying the goods or services needed by the company.

- Quality Control Supervisor -

Quality Control is a team friend responsible for carrying out entry, intermediate and final controls, keeping necessary records and providing workflow layout in accordance with the quality plans of production activities.

Pulses for Health

Pulses consumption has many benefits for human health. For this reason, we should not miss the legumes products from our tables.

Green Lentils

Asian-origin lentils is grown in Southeastern Anatolia, Central Anatolia and Aegean Region in our country. Convenient conditions for cultivating it are hot and dry weather conditions in summer season, moderate temperatures in winter season, and marl type of soil. It is a cold-resistant plant. Good for anemia since it includes iron and folic acid. In addition, as involving potassium mineral, it decreases the high blood pressure. Helps to fight with cardiovascular diseases. As its glycemic index is low, diabetic people can consume lentils safely.


Chickpea spreads to the world from Southeastern Anatolia. It is grown mostly in Southeastern Anatolia and Mediterranean Region in Turkey. Although the marl type is the best productive soil for cultivating, it can be grown even in inefficient soils. Chickpea is not resistant to extreme cold and also dry weather conditions. Prevents chronic inflammation diseases since it includes choline. Furthermore, regulates the blood pressure and blood sugar rates. Helps to prevent and heal cardiovascular diseases. Promotes losing weight by regulating digestive system functioning.

White Bean

Beans, which are considered to be of American origin, are grown mostly in Asia, and in the Mediterranean and Southern Marmara regions of Turkey. However, it is not resistant to cold weather conditions. Beans are rich in Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium and Vitamin B. It is effective in figh ting cancer as a source of antioxidants. It help sthedigestive system work better. It prevents cardiovascular disease sand hypertension. It is recommended to consume beans during pregnancy because they contain folicacid. It plays an important role in bone and muscle development.

Kidney Bean

Kidney beans are known as a member of the legume family. Kidney beans, a food native to Central America and Mexico, have a red or brown color. Withits kidney-likes tructure, it is available in a variety of size sand colors, including white, black and purple. It is known as a rich source of fiber, making it a vegan alternative. At the same time, kidney beans contain folicacid, carbohydrates, calcium, protein and fiber. It regulates blood sugar, preventing types of cancer. Kidney beans, whichal so support weight loss, contain mineral sandessential amino acids.



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Company Name: Uzel Bakliyat Gıda Sanayi A.Ş.

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    Yenipazar Kasabası, Karşıyaka Mahallesi, Elçibey Cad. No: 15 Boğazlıyan / Yozgat - TÜRKİYE

  • Contact Office

    Hoşdere Caddesi No: 164 / 8 Çankaya / Ankara / TÜRKİYE

  • Contact UTC+3 (08:00 - 18:00)

    0312 442 55 38 - Fax: 0312 442 55 39
    (You can reach us on our phone numbers between 8 and 18 hours.)

    Sales & Marketing : 0 533 130 81 08
    İmport & Export Sales : 0 530 338 13 21
    Phone for WhatsApp 0530 338 13 21

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    General Mail Address : uzel@uzelbakliyat.com
    Sales & Marketing : satis@uzelbakliyat.com
    Import & Export Sales : sales@uzelbakliyat.com


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